Our Product

Group Phoenix is an information solutions provider for small to medium businesses.


Customer Relationship Management. … At its simplest definition, a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.


Point of Sales:-
Data is updated in GP CRM automatically on a timer, including Customer Additions, Sale Invoices and Customer Receipts.

Purchase: – Purchase section will manage in our vendor management through add purchase.

User module

  • Can create user
  • Can create role and permission for any users.

Product Section module

  • User can add product related brand and parts.

Lead Section module

  • Can create lead follow the customer record the communication in text reschedule the visiting days.
  • Can identify the customer using hot cold and warm customer.

Tracking System

Through this we can identify actually where our product is and as defect product track our system.

Vendor Section

  • Can add vendor information

Branch Section

  • Can manage our own branch using by one single login

Manage Branch

  • Create Branch with premission set
  • Can manage our own branch using by one single login

Manage Sales

  • Can manage all kind of sales, Sales information, Due amount, branch sales e.t.c

Manage Notification: –

  • Notified all kind of follow up date, sales e.t.c

Reminder Section: –

  • Remind us servicing and all.

Report Section

  • Sales report
  • Purchase Report
  • Branch Wise sales report.
  • Stock report e.t.c
  • Sales report


GP Gold Application is a leading provider of scientific application that transform both simple and complex data into understandable tools such as graphs and modules. We experienced and a major issues that the jewelry industry faces is information management and client relationship management. Client information often becomes very unmanageable. If we have had jewelry application to keep track of important client and lead information

Our goals with GP Gold Application not only improve your customer relationships and grow your business, but also improve to communication within your business and give you the best tool possible. Our jewelry application provides that and much more.


  • Inventory Management system
  • Loan Management
    • Customer loan
    • Bank Loan
  • Reports

Demand features:-


We will customized our application as per your requirements. Customized application is that to meet your specific needs. Business need not adjust its processes to fully take advantage of application. Customized software is specially designed the need of your business. This type of application help us to protect our business from external threats.

Machine integration with bar code scanner.

In every business time saving can be significant. Bar code helps our business to manage inventory system. Bar cord reader have many benefits like improved Operational Efficiency, Time saving, Reduce error, cost cutting. So if you required this system in your business we will do it only for you.